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What's the difference between native and exotic hardwood flooring?

In the simplest terms, native and exotic hardwood flooring comes from different places. Native species come from North America, and exotic woods are found worldwide.

When choosing your perfect match, you'll want to know more about their differences. With this wide range of visuals, you'll find many are a great fit, but one might be best.

Differences in hardness

It is an industry-wide fact that exotic hardwoods are harder than native options. Native species tend to score in the low to mid hardness range.

But you'll also find that both choices can last an entire lifetime. Thanks to modern manufacturing, wood flooring can serve you well for decades.

Differences in color

All wood floors change color over time due to light exposure. However, with native species, this happens very slowly, with very few changes.

But with exotic hardwood flooring, you will likely see colors change much faster. If you prefer one, speak with an associate who can help with this choice.

Differences in availability

As you might expect, native species are much easier to come by and offer far more sizes and formats. Exotic materials are less likely to offer all the same hardwood flooring choices.

If you need something specific, our flooring professionals can help. And you'll want to know all about it as you shop for the perfect materials.

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